I have always been fascinated by all the trading world.

I started trading 2 years ago with self confidence and hoped I would become rich.

I had success in real estate and other types of investment before so I was positive.  The truth is that since I started trading I have just gambled with my money.  The worst thing that happened to me was to make a huge gain on the first week of my trading career.

From there, I thought that I was wise and was able to read the market, magic touch!  The rest of the story is a roller coaster that left me 20% of my portfolio. It would have been zero, If I hadn’t started trading with Mike’s rules and guidance.

I wish I had found him sooner, it would have saved me all that time, money and frustration.

But here I am learning and making gains!

I am steadily making gains, now that I am no longer gambling, and taking stupid risks.  Now I have rules and have a plan no matter what!  Furthermore, someone is guiding me.

Thank you mike!

I’ll be trading with your crew for a long long time!

Martin C.

Mike is not only a caring individual, but a passionate hard working teacher and friend.

He has thrown all he has on the table in the effort to help those succeed in trading. He is not just out to sell his teaching programs, he is doing this because it is the fire that fuels his passion.

Many times Mike and I have worked early mornings and long days trying to identify market changes, and fix any problems in our trading. He really does his best to help you work through painful times that the markets will throw your way.

If you are questioning whether to use a trading coach service, do not hesitate to work with Mike. He is a trustworthy, hard working, rare individual in this day and age.

Thank you Mike for the time you’ve spent helping me, and helping others try to succeed in one of the most difficult things one can endure.

Cory S.

I am only a couple weeks in to the subscription and I have already felt it has paid for itself 5x fold.

Not only from your recommendations but most importantly studying how you look at the market.

I hope to one day be on a similar level.

Thank you for sharing. 


What sets Mike’s chat room apart from others (and I’ve been a member of a few) is its truly a team effort.

It’s not just a bunch of random traders doing their own thing but rather a collective sharing of ideas and setups for all to act on.

The vibe in the room is communal and teaching each other new strategies is strongly encouraged.

After all, we’re all there for the same reason…MAKING MONEY, which we are consistently doing!


I started trading back in 2010, and I did really well until I took some advise from my father and Morgan Stanley. Following their advice ended up costing me all but about 21K of my cash savings, (lost over 300K).

Thankfully, I was working a job full-time and slowly built up some money to start over again.

Back in July 2014 I stopped working a job. My wife reminded me about my enjoyment of trading and said I should think about trying it again, keeping in mind the lesson I had learned.

Since July of last year I began trying to trade the market again off and on, not on a daily basis or anything. I spent most of my time watching business channels and reading books and articles. I was attempting to swing-trade occasionally and ended up getting stopped out over and over.

After slowly losing around 10K of my new investment capital, and reflecting back every time that if I had just held on, I would have made money on EVERY single one of those trades. I realized that the pain from losing so much money in the past left a deep scar that seem to “hurt” every time I started seeing my trade go south. I thought my stops were realistic, and in an ideal market, they may have been. Things seem to have changed in the market where market makers have a good idea on how to stop people out (or at least it seems that way to me).

I knew something had to change and so I started looking for books on trading psychology. I’ve read some great books including Trading in the Zone. They are very helpful, but they don’t provide the resolve and confidence one needs. I’d been watching Mike on Stocktwits for quite some time and knew he was better than the average trader. When I saw that he launched the web site, I went back through all of his Stocktwits messages for the last few months and realized that I really needed to join his site to get more information and see what he was doing and how he was doing it.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I joined his site and the first week or so I mostly just watched, asked lots of questions and took everything in from Mike and other members. Watching his resolve, attitude, action, responses, philosophy has slowly helped me to turn the corner and face my fears. I have begun trading more in the last two weeks than I have the entire year. Fortunately, I have only had a few bad trades, but many more good trades that have allowed me to start recouping the money that I’d lost since I started this whole venture.

I believe that as I spend more time working with Mike and the great team he is building, I will continue to learn and grow tremendously.

Thank you so much for sharing your talents with those of us who are ready to take the leap of faith and follow in your foot-steps.


When I met Mike I had been day trading for about 6 months and was taking a beating. Mike worked with me and taught me invaluable information about charts and trading key level/support lines but most importantly minimizing my risk.

Because of Mike’s coaching I am now trading with less emotion and my P&L is much better. Highly recommended!


After a series of mistakes, that made me start trading on tilt, I felt a strong need to re-think my trading strategy/risk management/rules and work on my mindset. My confidence was affected and I even started to seriously doubt about my skills and quit trading! I needed guidance to help get my trading back on track.

So I decided start working with a coach and I contacted Mike. It was the best thing I could have done to get me back on track quickly. Nothing is better than having someone that can watch what you do and correct your flaws, motivates you and help define a successful trading plan. I only wish I would have reached out to Mike sooner.

During the time we have been working together Mike is always there for me. He has also been able to focus my attention and be strict when ever I start getting impatience, overtrading, or not following the plan. I feel that I am back on track and my P&L proves that. Thanks Mike for the patience and dedication, it has been a great experience.


For the last 6 years I told myself that the key to reaching freedom was to put my money in the market and play the endless moves for percentage after percentage. “It’s easy” I told myself over and over as I failed miserably.

After losing way too much money every one of those 6 years, never booking a profit on the year, I decided to do something different.

I needed a teacher, a mentor, guidance, I needed a coach. Someone that could tell me what I was doing wrong, look at my trades, analyze my faults, give me a different perspective. I was fortunate to come across Mike on StockTwits and read a post that he was going to start coaching people like me that wanted to be better. I figured the downside risk was defined and the upside potential of this decision was limitless.

At the time I didn’t realize that I had made a risk reward assessment of my decision to hire a coach. I figured I have lost a months worth of coaching 20 times over on my own. What’s the worst that could happen? Tiger Woods has a coach, so does Payton Manning, there is something to be said about someone helping you realize your full potential.

The moment I started working with Mike I realized he was special. I was able to see the market through a completely new perspective. I have received 1 on 1 personalized coaching specific to my goals, my schedule and my capital. I can call and ask advice on a trade or shoot a text about the direction of the day. I have even called in a pinch and asked for guidance on what to do with a reckless trade I made on a whim. We worked our way out the best we could with what we had and then analyzed the decision, emotions, and thought process that got us in the bind we were in.

I have made more money in the market over the last 2 weeks working with Mike than I have ever made in any period of time trading. Most importantly I will book a profit on the year for the first time in my life.

In only 2 short weeks, I believe that joining up with Mike is the best decision I could have ever made for my trading success.

If you can relate to what I have been through and are looking for help, hire a professional, hire a coach, hire Mike at Charts Don’t Lie, I promise you will not regret it.

Tommy R.

I have only made a few large intraday gains in my past, but always held and never sold, only to end up losing it all get stuck holding the bag. Mike’s coaching helped me focus on not being greedy and to take the profit when I have it.

Mike also taught me that with leveraged leveraged funds, to look at the underlying non-levered chart. I had been eying the RSX fall for the past few days and was waiting to pounce on RUSL once its rapid decent stopped. RUSL opened once again down 25%, I watched and waited for it to setup properly and when it did I bought at $1.85 with a tight stop, it continued higher and I was able to sell at $2.62 for a 44% gain in an hour!!!

These are things I would never had been able to accomplish without Mike’s coaching.

Jeffery B

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