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IMG_26062015_085211I look at the investment world through a contrarian lens. By going against the herd I position myself to achieve the largest possible returns in the the quickest time frame with the least amount of risk. With 8+ years of trading experience, my success has come from these key philosophies;

Focusing on the few things that actually matter; price action, volume and moving averages
Investing off of multiple time frames daily/weekly/monthly charts
Focusing on contrarian plays & squeeze play
Focusing on sentiment in sectors to uncover unbalanced trade opportunities
Never forcing anything and sit in cash until the right opportunity presents itself
Protecting capital with defined stops in place for all trades
Protecting capital by selling quickly if the stock isn’t moving as expected
Protecting capital by never letting a winner turn into a loss
Locking in profits by selling once targets are reached.
Tuning out the news and media hype.

Market Overview Videos

Summation A walk through important setups inside the markets focusing on rotation and support and resistance levels. Key information you need to be aware of broken down and explained in an easy to understand video overview (More).

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