On going reading is essential to continue to grow as a trader. I have read close to 100 books in the last few years, most are not worth the paper they are printed on. However, some of the books are extremely well written and provide extensive knowledge. I have laid out my top picks from all the books I have read. They are listed in no particular order. Good luck on your quest for more knowledge and happy trading.

My bible. This book changed my life Jesse’s outlook on the markets is brilliant. His approach of finding unknown companies with great fundamentals, perfect stock setup and insider buying is how I have found stocks like PLUG at $1.08. If you are looking for low risk 5-10 bag potential stocks this is the best read out there. This is a total game changer and is a must read for every investor.

A story of one of the greatest traders of all time, Jesse Livermore. I often quote this book in my posts. The book is an easy and entertaining read. It has many great lessons and is considered a classic. Every trader has to read this book in their lifetime.

Investing is a mental game where you have to have complete control of your emotions. This will not teach you a trading system it is a psychological look at trading and is a must read for everyone. Master yourself and profits will come much easier. .

 Any time you can get an insight into a great trader it is worth reading and paying attention to. He has won the US Investing Championship a few times and has an average annual return of 155%. He came from nothing, has a burning passion for the markets. He studied the best traders before him and put together a very solid investment method. Definitely worth a read.

This is the most expensive book on the list but it is worth the money. It reads like a textbook and is the most comprehensive book on technical analysis I have found. I continue to go back and look at this book often. Its a must have for your investing library.

An extremely well written book. That uses the CANSLIM system. Has back tests of the method that is laid out going all the way back to the turn of the century. Highly recommended.

Interviews with some of the best traders of all times. These market wizards have tons of good pieces of advice and their stories are fascinating to read.

Originally published in 1960 and written by Nicolas Darvas. He had no knowledge of the stock market or finance. He started with $10,000 and turned it into 2 million in 18 months. A legendary trader a fascinating story and a must read.

This technical analysis book its worth its weight in gold. It is required reading for the CMT (certified market technician) program. More information than most people need for their trading, but there are many useful techniques and tools that you can add to your trading repertoire.

Another CMT required reading. This is the most comprehensive technical analysis book I have read. It is a must read for serious students of the market.

The best Candlestick pattern book I have read. Very comprehensive and well written. If you like using candlestick analysis in your trading this is a must read.